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  1. Fish Dishes

Fish Dishes

How to Fillet

sliced raw Hi-fin AMBERJACK “sashimi”

I got my friend to file Hi-fin AMBERJACK. Then I was surprised at a very good filet. I think it will be helpful as it is easy to understand.

AMBERJACK caught in the sea
My friend filleted it in 2pieces.
Already took out the internal organs
First drop the fish’s head.
There are two ways to drop it.
“Tasuki-otoshi” and “Kama-otoshi”
Tasuki-otoshi is…
a way to cut the fish’s head and collar together.
Kama-otoshi is…
a method of cutting only the fish’s head.
This time is Kama-otoshi.
Put a knife on the fish spine.
Fish meat with blood has…
a lot of nutrition.
It contains a lot of iron and vitamins.
Just this time,
Removed because it was bloody.
Wash thoroughly with water.
Cut the fish
First of all, to decide the line to put the knife,
Make a slight cut.
Cut while searching the fish spine…
with the tip of the knife.
When you insert the knife,
Don’t lift fish meat.
It is because…
fish meat is damaged.
Cut it…
to the spine neatly
Long kitchen knives are easier…
to cut.
It is the completion of 2 pieces filet.
Cut so as not to leave fish meat as possible.
While lifting the Pectoral and Pelvic fins,
cut the fish collar.
Cut off head and collar,
It will be like this when connected.
You may cut by “Tasuki-otoshi”.
And You may cut by “Kama-otoshi”.
Take the bones on the belly.
In the case of a short knife,
Scrape it with meat several times.
Check with your finger that there is no bone left.
Take the bones in the center.
Put the knife while avoiding the bones.
In the same way
Put the knife while avoiding the bones.
Peel off fish skin.
Use knife well,
The point is to cut in one shot.

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